H.U.S.K. (Heavy Unit – ΣK)

Take your exploration and survival to a new level with fully customizable, equipable, battle mounts. 

Fueling a H.U.S.K.

These large old world battle mounts require constant power from one of many sources (radium, coal, etc). To help you maintain a supply of fuel and other resources, collecting materials while piloting a H.U.S.K. offers a greater yield then doing it by hand.

Living H.U.S.K.’s

Not all H.U.S.K.’s are metal war machines. They can also be living breathing battle mounts powered by food instead of fuel.

The Loyal Brakt was trained by those who stand against the use of “Old World” technology. You’ll still need a different license to tame and own living mounts.

Sample Living H.U.S.K. Traits:

“It’s not just the characters you improve with Lumen… you can also improve your H.U.S.K.’s. by unlocking mount specific nodes.”