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Sponsored Q&A

Lux is an upcoming Survival MMORPG for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC/Mac via Steam. Lux has received the “Projects We Love” badge as well as the Featured Project in Games. Q: A lot of MMO fans are wary of survival games, as they tend to be aimless or grindy. How does Lux avoid this? [...]

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Story on Cliquist

There’s a certain irony behind developer Chimera Company’s name of choice, given that their latest Kickstarter project is clearly a hybrid of popular games that have come before. That’s not a knock on Lux. Indeed, the team behind the survival-based MMORPG appear to be passionate fans of the genres at its foundations, and I get [...]

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OnRPG Listing

Lux is a survival themed MMORPG created by Chimera Company. Enter the world of Noch as a strange being of energy known as "Lux" and uncover the mysteries of your very own existence. Features: Explore the World: The world of Lux is always expanding and changing, with themed zones that are dynamically generated on the [...]

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Customize Your Character

You can use any combination of appearance elements and traits to alter your custom character.

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